Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hair Trigger

Well, as you might have noticed, hair has been rather on my mind of late.  In my last installment, I noted a rather spectacular hairtastrophe, and dear Bill chimed in, as is his delightful wont - in this case, with a demand for pictures of said coiffure difficulties.

I'm a rather shy (not to mention visually unedifying) sort, and I really don't think, on the whole, much of a spectacle to be relished.  It's in that spirit, then, that I present the above (and not, heaven forfend, for any carnal or lascivious purpose - oh, no, not me).  This gentleman, it seems, is one Mr. Amr Samaha, and among his many distinguishing features is the fun fact that he was Mr. Egypt International 2007.  Now this is apparently, I'm learning, a different Mr. Egypt than the title that for a while adorned Café favorite Mr. Tarek Naguib.  Still, it's clearly one that has no trouble attracting high-class talent on its own merits, dont' you think?  Sadly, Amr's career, at least in English, is rather underdocumented, and as I don't know the Arabic for "handsomeness pageant," I'm out of luck in trying to discover what he's been up to these past few years.

He appears here for the simple reason that he is, more or less, sporting exactly my current 'do (when it's not in disaster mode, at least).  If I'm not showing it off to entirely the same advantage, this will give you an general idea of how it looks, at least from the ears or so up.  My version, I do admit, features a fair amount more salt among all that pepper, but texture- and length-wise (of the hair, darlings - do get your minds out of the gutter) we're as it were kindred spirits.

Have I mentioned lately just how much I miss Egypt?


  1. I say there can never be too many Handsomeness Pagents.

  2. aye aye aye.... suddenly I'm missing Egypt too...


  3. Is it just me, or is he all the more attractive because he is just a tiny bit pudgy? Soooo much nicer in that he doesn't feel the need to look like yet another 'ripped' idiot. He's hot and he damn well knows it! Sigh....

    1. No, I think you're spot on. It's like watching old movies, in which fleshy stars like Rock Hudson are the hot ones and bodybuilders are more or less exotic freaks. As a gentleman with a certain avoirdupois myself,it's nice to see someone who's every vein isn't mercilessly exposed thanks to a total lack of body fat...