Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Needless to Say...

Well, now I know what I want played at my wedding...


  1. Rock on, bitches.

    I especially like the phone ringing at the end.

  2. I was prepared for absurdity from the moment I hit play.

    I was instead stopped cold between the verge of hysterical laughter and great tears of nostalgia. I got my first real kiss to this song in a dorm room in Poughkeepsie almost 3 decades ago.

    It was on the radio. No one got anywhere near a squeezebox that night.

    But I'll never forget it. That song, in any form, always brings me right back to a scared, thrilled, searching, hopeful young man just starting out on the road of real experience.

    We're both long married to others but are still sometimes in touch. It's cordial and affectionate; familiar as only old friends from a certain stage of life can be.

    Nothing again in my life will ever be as exciting, magical and impossible as that evening was. So innocent. So full of hopeful promise. Nothing really happened...but my world changed forever.