Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kids in America

The past is another country:  one in which Bette Midler and David Bowie share a fondness for ruthlessly bleached poodle cuts; in which Michael Jackson's fashion choices almost make sense; in which Cher can be the least fussily turned out person in any group; and in which that other woman is international song sensation Kim Wilde.

Well, I suppose she still is, but honestly - did you recognize her?  Do you, as Miss Cara once implored, remember her name?

How do you suppose this distinctly eclectic evening turned out?  Based on Cher's expression, I'm not optimistic...


  1. Wow. At least Bette and Bowie are having fun.

  2. cher may have been contemplating
    the face of the future.

  3. There's nothing wrong with Cher, that's her coy look. They are playing that game where she is hiding the rest of Jackson's sleeve in the back of her hair and she's acting all cool to not give it away. Wilde is about to blow the whole thing though.

    Meanwhile David is doing awfully well with that new Midler dummy.

  4. Sorry to disappoint, but - that is not Kim Wilde (and yes! of course I remember her, she had a new album out last year).

    It is Cher’s sister Georganne LaPiere... Jx

  5. My God - I've been misled by the Internet! How dare it?

    I have to say that I did look up a shot or two of Kim Wilde, but just figured that at some point since 1983 she'd had a helluva nose job.

    And now I guess this means there are two sister acts in this picture...

  6. When he held me in his arms...when he held me in his arms....