Wednesday, February 22, 2012

File Under "Feelings, Unlikely"

Well, that's as maybe, Mrs. Steve Lawrence, but it's going to take more than a little Max Factor Light Egyptian to turn you into the Rose of Spanish Harlem.

She may be feeling Spanish, but the overall effect is less Sexy Señorita than a vague attempt at a Princess Margaret impression, don't you think?  I suppose in 1961, though, an album called "I Feel So Snowdon" wasn't likely to be much of a chart-topper...

Not that the onetime Edith Garmezano doesn't offer the occasional surprise, mind you - did you know that she's half Turkish?


  1. "I Feel so Turkey." Also a non-starter.

  2. She's maternally Turkish, but pretty much 100% Sephardic, which is actually pretty cool. As is she, really - I've always had a fondness for Eydie, almost the point of feeling bad for making fun of her.