Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lady of the Lake

Or at least of her Brentwood swimming pool. Hope floats, they say, and so does the lovely and talented Miss Dolores Del Rio. Although she's about thisclose to a wardrobe malfunction in that daring bandeau top - which she has rather oddly paired with her girdle.

The mysteries of Hollywood never cease to fascinate...


  1. I just realized that while I was staring at this picture 10 minutes had passed. I think it has magical powers.

  2. it is strange.

    of course, i can only imagine
    what water did to 40s max factor.

  3. Well, Norma, I suppose we'd have to ask Esther Williams. Didn't she claim they invented waterproof makeup for her?

    As for Dolores - do you think it's just the picture that has magical powers - after all, she persuaded Cedric Gibbons to marry her...

  4. That is one murky pool. How much DNA is in there with her?

  5. Mistress MJ never goes near the water without her foundation garments.

  6. Del Rio, Del Lago, Delusion. It's all murky.