Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor

Australian wartime corsets.

It's actually worth embiggening this one; the anxieties this ad's copy radiate seem as distant and foreign as those that would have preoccupied Roman matrons or medieval ladies:

The strain of the times, far from lessening the value of foundation garments, makes them more necessary than ever. For whether she rears a family or mans a range-finder, a woman needs the physical support of a good foundation. Muscular areas and heavy flesh must be supported, or excessive fatigue will result. Not only is physical energy reduced, but mental strain is increased and morale undoubtedly affected...
I also especially like the urgent reminder to be "personally fitted by a trained corsetiere." The world's in chaos, bombs are falling, refugees are pouring in - "but I've just got to get to my corsetiere appointment!"

But what could you expect of a foundation-garment company whose name is homonymous with "burly" and which uses in its advertisements phrases like "heavy flesh"?


  1. this is off topic muscato, but your profile photo. is that mary astor?

  2. Not now darling, mummy is trussing up her heavy flesh.