Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She Loves the Nightlife

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Alicia Bridges, still boogeying after all these years. I'd give anything just to hear her say "ak-SHUN!"

And her website? What else could it be but www.discoround.com?


  1. That looks suspicously like my college apratment: people squatting on the flooor cause there's no furniture; something orange; empty liquor bottles as decorative elements; potted plants; potted ladies clutching a Mysterious White Powder container.

  2. Jesus - that's as pulled together as she gets for her homepage picture? I'd LOVE to see her when she's a mess!

  3. I miss her little rhinestone necktie.

  4. I believe she's passed on to that great big mirror ball in the sky.
    And, I always thought she looked like the love child of Glenda Jackson and Annie Lennox.

  5. Oh, I think she's still with us. Wikipedia and her website seem to think so, at least.

    The odd thing is that, while I do remember the rhinestone necktie, I had always remembered her as looking something like a slightly (even more) zaftig Gloriay Gaynor.