Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Trifecta

It's an especially remarkable trio of birthdays today:

Prima Diva Assoluta Eva Gabor;

Semi hapless post-Ottoman monarch King Farouk I of Egypt;

...and our very own Mr. Muscato (not pictured), who I suppose might be considered an amalgam of all the best qualities of both.

In honor of all three, but especially the last, we had a festive evening at the Chedi, which local readers will know is a Rather Big Deal. Heaps of lobster and crab at the beachside pavilion, followed by a peanut-butter millefeuille (Mr. M.) and a tropical-fruits creme brulee (me), both of which were beyond beyond. We may not eat for a week. Or at least until tomorrow's Champagne brunch (we're making a festive, gluttonous weekend of it, in memory of poor old King F.).


  1. Live it up, kids!

    This post reminded me of an ancient Bette Midler album, wherein she rhymed "Farouk" with "Aimee, Anouk". Some things one never forgets.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Muscato!!

  3. Happy Birthday, dear Muscato! I hope you are celebrating in a suitably glamorous fashion.

  4. I love that song:

    Samedi et vendredi et lundi et dimanche.
    Anouilh, Belmondo, Fernandel et Bardot,
    Montalban, Ricardo, la la la.

    Sandra Dee, Dame May Whitty sont ici egalement.
    Henry et Nancy et Vaslav Ninjinsky et
    Lucy et Desi et la la la.

    J'aime tous les gens dont je parle, vous savez.
    Parce qu'ils viennet me voir quand je dors.
    Je chante de petites chansons pour eux, tu sais,
    Je danse plaisante, veux etre morte.

    Pacino et Tricia et Spiro
    Jackson Cinq et Simone Signoret
    Zizi Jeanmarie, Mamie Eisenhower, Ursula Andress,
    Carmen McRae, Farouk, Aimee Anouk.

    Samedi et vendredi et lundi et dimanche.
    Larry, Curly, et Moe.
    Dylan et DeNiro.
    Debonair Marcello, la la la.

    Ils sont ici dans mes cauchemars.
    Et savez-vous pourquoi?
    Parce que je mange.
    Je mange de saucisson.
    Je mange de saucisson, la la la.

    Bienvenus a mes cauchemars.

    It's why I first wanted to learn French. And read Suzy's column...

  5. AND Tina Louise! Happy, Happy, King Eva Louise Muscato! Sending you a big MWAH from across the miles. A very happy and healthy day and year to you and a great big thank you for bringing me such a glamorous respite.

  6. Happy Belated Mr M.

    Many happy turns, um, I mean returns. *blush*

  7. happy birthday,mr m. my birthday was feb. 10!