Monday, August 25, 2008

Image du Jour: The Lovemore Machine

I suppose this kind of thing is really more Princess Sparklepony's bailiwick, but I saw the following image this morning and was, as you'll doubtless understand, riveted:

Lucite (etched), ivory (carved), and tufting (pleather): I'm in love(more)

The gentleman is the new Speaker of the Zimbabwean Parliament. What he is sitting in/on/among - I'm less sure.

But I think I want one. It's like the command center of some African-Victorian spaceship - and surely that can't be leopard skin I see peeking out from the back of the barcalounger/throne thingie? Can it?

With politics so dire in Harare, who would have thought Parliament could be so festive?

But almost better than all of that: the Speaker rejoices in the splendid name of Lovemore. Lovemore Moyo. And I'm sure he does.


  1. whatever it is, i'll be sure not to register for it.


  2. I'm actually hoping the whole contraption is on wheels, and the Speaker can just roll around Parliament on/in it. Wouldn't that be sweet?