Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Helawiyaat el-Ayoon

...Or a little Levantine eye-candy.

This shiny young thing is one Jad Choueiri, a rising Lebanese singer/producer. His last album had a genuinely catchy/loungy sort of song on it called "Beirut", and his earlier song "Benadilak" ("Calling You") has a video that gives you an only slightly idealized glimpse of what the Jeunesse Dorée are up in this part of the world.

His dancing may be a little naff, but, O Dear, there really is something about those eyes...


  1. Is that the Coochi of Maharni Behar?

  2. I can't pronounce his name, but I'd be willing to try to wrap him around my tongue.

  3. Eyes.. hmmmm oh how you jest Muscato.

    And to think I thought your musical tastes actually were driven first by music perchance