Friday, December 25, 2015

Have Yourselves a Mamie Little Christmas

A very Merry day to all, from Mr. Muscato, Koko, Boudi and me, with a little help from Ike and Mamie's 1960 Christmas greeting - a Café tradition, on and off, since 2009. There's just something about those calligraphic bangs that sends me into gales of giggles.

Despite a dank and foggy day, we're having a festive time of it. I got up early and baked a cake, then gathered the silver and linen and set the table. Now the corn pudding is in the oven, and when that comes out, it will be the Mister's turn to take over, steering the meal into the homestretch by roasting a chicken and doing the mashed potatoes. Oh, and I still have to glaze the carrots. And prep the salads. And get out the platters and ice the wine and... what on earth am I doing lollygagging about here - I have things to do!

But up ahead there's a glass of bubbly, some decadent cheeses, and a nice little bit of foie gras, so it's not all holiday drudgery, not by a long shot.

And I hope yours is everything and anything you'd like it to be.


  1. That card is so not Mamie. I love it.

    1. Isn't it heaven? I think she had a good time there in Gettysburg, in her post-White House years...