Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hat Check

For no good reason other than it's a dull Tuesday, let's look in on Sra. Peron as she picks a chapeau from her imposing collection.  The year is 1950, and Life is there, in the person of the excellent photographer Gisele Freund (whom I most know from her photographs of Virginia Woolf, which are disconcertingly in color - if only the same were true of these hats!).


  1. Does anyone still wear...a hat?

  2. I'm generally concerned that once the Queen goes, the Continental royals will give up on them, and then it will be all over...

  3. "A woman's place in public is to sit beside her husband, be silent, and be sure her hat is on straight." - Bess Truman

    Apparently. Jx

    1. Well, they may have been contemporaries (albeit of different generations), but it's hard to imagine two ladies holding the same title with less in common. The Spiritual Leader of the Nation clearly set hercap, and a couture one at that, in quite a different direction from dear Mrs. T. ...