Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Are You Celebrating?

Today is World Toilet Day.  Are you, like Jeannie Sue here, doing the traditional Dance of Bubble-Action Exhilaration?

Actually, here at the Apartment Muscato (doesn't have quite the same ring as our old Villa, does it?), we do have reason to celebrate.

Mr. Muscato, you see, has been auditioning for a replacement for our late, lamented Mrs. Galapatti-da Silva (who herself followed in the not inconsiderable footsteps, you may remember, of dear Ermilia back in the Sultanate), and he would appear at last to have landed a Live One:  a nice, quiet lady (that second attribute has been mandatory since the days of Ermilia's predecessor, who sang, nonstop) with excellent references and good availability, and moreover one who is willing to appear on a biweekly basis for something less than the kind of sums once reserved for psychiatrists and your higher-end sex workers (i.e. the usual going rate in this unexpectedly affluent suburb).

I couldn't be happier, and while Sra. Adelita won't be a daily presence as were her predecessors, I can attest that we are marking today's august holiday with fixtures to be proud of (at least in comparison to their parlous state earlier this week).

If you're looking for ways to celebrate in your own way, well, I have just the destination for you.  You're welcome, and many happy returns of the day.


  1. Congrats, hopefully, on Sra. Adelita.

    And I think Jeanie Sue has been snorting the Vanish again. They tried to make her go to rehab, and she said "No, no, no,urp."

  2. Jeanie Sue did wonders with the Sears quilted queen bedspread, after Billy made a 'stain' on it--she cut it up and made it into a poodle skirt for herself!

  3. Is Mistress MJ moonlighting over here? "World Toilet Day" sounds like something she would have t-shirts printed for...

    As for the new hired help, always remember the words of Constance, Countess of Trentham: "If there's one thing I don't look for in a maid, it's discretion. Except with my own secrets, of course." Jx

  4. Since I continue to recover from my colon surgery, the toilet will not be alone very much today.

  5. Flip it open, Flow it in, Forget it.

    The history of far too many Saturday nights.

  6. It's always a happy day when one finds good help. Congratulations! Here at Little Shack, we're still mired in the trial period. But your tag, the last, reminds me that the perfect household help lives only in novels, so I can face the coming weeks a little braver, if not more tidy.