Monday, February 17, 2014

When Queens Collide

Oh, Dame Helen - ought one really point at the sovereign?  Well, the lady herself seems unperturbed, as, for that matter, she mostly has for most of the past seven decades or so.

The family's been having a rather starry week, it seems.  The Duke of Cambridge presided at last night's annual BAFTA bunfight, and today it was HM's turn, as she welcomed the great and good of the dramatic arts for a little party over at her house.  She was joined by her cousin Prince Michael from the masculine side of the family, as well as by that granddaughter-in-law about whom one reads so much these days.

It's always odd to see these two very different manifestations of our innate human leaning toward the theatrical coming together, but of course the royal and the thespic pursuits have a great deal in common.  This snap, of course, unites the two people currently best known for embodying the monarch of the United Kingdom, although the lady in blue has had a rather longer run.

While it's true that in a fair world, Dame Helen's complexion would be named a national treasure, I do think the Queen continues to be quite marvelous looking.  Among the guests (who also included everyone from Uma Thurman to Sir Tom Courtenay) was the still-working-as-hard-as-she-can-on-evergreen Miss Joan Collins, and while I admire her indomitability, I think perhaps the Queen has chosen the better path.


  1. I hope Dame Helen is saying, "Just ONCE you could have let me borrow a necklace and brooch when I was being you in "The Audience."

  2. She's just correcting Liz on her accent. Jx