Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Such Devoted Sisters

It doesn't surprise me a bit that they were terrier gals...

Miss Lillian and Miss Dorothy Gish have a spot of breakfast at home.  I can't decide what I like more - the dainty Etruscan console behind Lillian; the discreet television in the corner; the coordinating-but-not-matching Louis Something chairs; or the general air of ladylike gemütlichkeit.  It's rather the effect (minus the ladylike effect. Well, most of it...) that we're going for in our provisional, downsized Villa Muscato.

I can only wish, however, that our two canine charges had anything like the kind of calm good breeding displayed by the Miss Gishes'.  Sensing breakfast, they're more likely to start circling in a way that would be predatory if only they were a shade less fluffy...


  1. funny, this is just as i imagined you & yours.

    1. Well, truth to tell, we're possibly a shade less lissome, but I do think it rather captures the general atmosphere...

    2. oh please, you're both a couple of gazelles.

    3. Oh, we're okay - it's those dogs. Right little piggies, they are...