Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All Hallow's Roz

Funny, really - you don't think of Rosalind Russell as someone who spent too much time in the stills gallery, at least doing this kind of theme-y leg art.

Which is too bad, really - she has good gams, don't you think?

We're not particularly festive this time around, although at work my secretary, The World's Youngest Verna, has had every available inch draped in skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, and, most dangerously, little bowls of candy corn.  Now, I don't know about you, but I've never felt too strongly one way or another about candy corn.  Until this year, that is - it seems that nothing makes the heart grow fonder for painfully sweet, doubtless totally hydrogenated confections like not having them around for a decade or so.  I can still fit in my suits, but they're not exactly hanging on me at the moment...

So no costume balls for us, no raucous nights of dress-up depravity.  Still, we've bought a bag of Milky Ways just in case we get any trick-or-treaters (there may be children somewhere in this apartment building, even if we've never seen them - our neighbors appear to be mostly terrifyingly young, serious governmentische types, with a sprinkling of approaching-retirement non-profiters just for leavening), and I'm bringing cider to Verna's gala holiday luncheon tomorrow.

If we were doing something mad, I don't quite know what I'd go for.  the whole Sexy [insert phenomenon of the year here] seems pretty played out, and while this year has had its share of memorably awful moments that might lend themselves to the occasion, I really can't see going as Ted Cruz.  Maybe it's just as well we're staying in.  How about you?


  1. Sweetie, that isn't Roz. The body is wrong. So is the face. And Roz would never pose like this, and of she did, she'd be mugging for the camera.

  2. You know, I wasn't sure, and I'm still not. The still turns up here and there, and while she seems timeless and eternal, Roz did take a few years to find her fach, as it were. I could kind of see this coming from her years when she was just another second-string utility leading lady at Metro. But it certainly could be just a chorus dame, too...

  3. We've already had our dressing-up party for our friend's birthday last weekend, so tonight I'll just wait for the witches to come to me... Jx

    PS I tend to agree, that doesn't look very much like Miss Russell, even as an ingénue.

  4. That studio publicity shot is of hoofer Peggy Ryan. She partnered with Donald O'Connor for an early 40's series of juvenile musicals over at Universal. Girl could dance and had spunk. Universal's answer, I suppose, to Nancy Walker over at Metro.

    1. Thank you! I knew that if anyone were to know, it would be you.