Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I've Got a Date (in Constantinople)

This deathless clip - from the fabulous "Around the World in Eighty Ways Revue" of the one and only Miss Vickie Eydie (of whom there is no doubt that she is a lounge act) - heralds some amusing news, darlings. 

Yes, it's true - I'm jetting off to meet Mr. Muscato on the shores of the Bosporus (where we will no doubt get preposterous).  He's crossing the Med from Cairo with some friends, I fly in from the Sandlands at very nearly the same time, and we'll all have a jolly long weekend in Taksim. 

I was last in Istanbul (not Constantinople) nearly ten years ago, in what turned out to be the waning months of my carefree bachelor days.  In memory it was a supremely amusing place, and if at that time that involved some unlikely-to-be-repeated naughtiness, well - that's nobody's business but the Turks...


  1. sometimes i forget how much time has gone by since
    betty midler and i met.

  2. My favourite city and my favourite lounge act! Am here right now enroute back to my own part of the sandpit. Marmara Pera hotel for the view over a sunset cocktail, and Firuz Agha hammam for 'afters' a highly recommended strategy :) Enjoy!

  3. What fun! On a clearer evening, we shall give the Pera a whirl, and if you happen to encounter a couple of stout parties of a certain age accompanied by one or more Egyptians with an eye for the boys, out on the town, do say hello!