Monday, March 1, 2010

Thieves in the Night

One of the surprises of running the Café, I've discovered, is that despite being only at best intermittently about topics local, we still quite steady draw traffic from Gentle Readers here in our little Sultanate.

I therefore take the liberty of appealing to those in this part of the world who haven't already done so to pay attention to the current posting by fellow blogger Suburban, who is looking for insight into the realities (which seem very likely to be harsher than we realize) of crime in this generally idyllic place.

That I can do so while reminding myself of one of my favorite Kay Francis pictures is just a little of what my Lousiana pals would call lagniappe. Fortunately, the Villa Muscato features very little to attract a jewel robbery; now, if there were evildoers out to steal biographies of minor royalties or Garbo DVDs, we'd have something to worry about...


  1. Crime is rampant at the Café, Muscato! You've stolen all our hearts with some of your touching essays and reminiscences. Further, you've stolen countless hours of our time with your other humorous commentary, musings and antics. Of course, we leave our doors and windows open and practically beg to be burgled.

    Observed: From the look of the lingerie-clad cutie on the Jewel Robbery poster, I'd say that Bill Powell is looking to snatch Kay's ruby. But perhaps I read too much into things...

  2. Everything Bill said.

    PS-If you have the DVD of Susan Lenox Her Rise and Fall, I'm putting on the cat suit and mask as we speak!

  3. Thanks for the link! You are a star.
    stay tuned for a follow up post on the matter.

  4. I agree with Bill. And with Kay Francis, of course!