Friday, May 1, 2009

Dinner Chez Nous

If I seem a little distracted today, darlings, it's because Mr. Muscato and I are having a few friends in for dinner. Ergo, of course, Mamie, for nothing makes me think of dear Mrs. Eisenhower like preparing to be a gracious host.

Our local supermarket has of late been offloading turkeys, you see, at prices not to be missed. We picked up a couple last week (ah, the joys of an extra deep freeze!), and this week noticed that the management has now supplemented the signs promoting the sale with a prominent "Consume soon!" sticker. Appetizing.

As a result, dinner, which will consist of a 10-kilo turkey with all - or at least most of - the trimmings. While we're doing most of the cooking, for neither the first nor the last time I realize how deeply grateful I am to be living in a country that enables one to have household help. Without Ermilia, we would live in deepest squalor; with her, we have a life that almost approaches the Edwardian in its ease and tidiness.

Because it's a school night, it won't be so much a full-fledged party as a gathering - tightum (and only just that) on the Tilling scale, for the Luciaphiles amongst us. Although we won't be playing bridge. And I doubt many parties at Miss Mapp's came with the possibility that one of the guests might belly-dance. Although I suppose with Quaint Irene around, one never knew...


  1. Have a lovely time, although turkey without sage....

  2. Will it be Turkey à la Riseholme?

  3. I guess they found them languishing at the bottom of the freezer during their re-furb

  4. Long Live Luciaphiles! It's so tarsome when others don't get ones allusions...

  5. Sounds lovely...

    and thank you for that picture. It prompted me on at least 10 minutes worth of "researching" photos of Mamie at various stages of life.

  6. Even houseboys get the occasional Friday off (it being Sunday here in opposite-world).

    Our most recent Dubai houseguest brought as their hostess gift a large jar of sage, so the stuffing was saved.

    I believe we will be trying to en-Riseholme some of the leftovers. Once upon a time I had a Tilling dinner and attempted, based on the named ingredients, to try making Lobster à la R.; it was a great success. This time, however, we brined the turkey, which turned out a treat.

    Based on a brief chat with the very pleasant supermarket manager, I do believe the turkeys were an unexpected freezer find. He said they were perfectly okay, though, and as far as I know the guests are all still alive.

    And yes, Mamie can be something of an addiction. And that's a very good thing.