Sunday, July 17, 2016

Current Mood

Courtesy of Miss Minnelli, keeping it together quite admirably in 1986. At the moment, I really don't want to know.


  1. In my opinion Miss Minnelli was at the peak of her powers in the 80s, and this is merely the proof. Brilliant! Jx

  2. Around the time she did Arthur? ( i lovd her in that movie)
    Now she's as mad as a badger

  3. I got to see her during this period in THE RINK. Not a great musical, but I was pleasantly surprised by what a very skilled stage actress she is. Not just a performer, but a very fine stage actress. Even in that dog of a show. It is unfortunate she did not pursue more of that, and pursue it seriously. Of course, she could make much more money doing her concerts, but she did plenty of those. It would have been nice, for her as well as for us, had she taken on more serious stage work. She has (had?) the chops for it.