Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Picture for an Exhibition

When we settled in our current tiny digs last summer, we left one wall empty.

The idea was that we would at last frame some pictures from the travels that Mr. Muscato and I have taken over the past ten years, centered around a nice framed copy of a wedding picture (yeah, we're sentimental.  So sue).  Then my dear sister gave us a lovely print of the New Yorker cover with Bert and Ernie that came out last July after the Supreme Court DOMA/Windsor decisions, and that seemed like a nice addition.

Well, time passes (we're sentimental, yes, but lazy, too - deeply so), and it's only this past weekend that we finally got around to printing out a few snaps that I've only ever seen on screen.  And I have to say that, while Lord knows I'm no Thombeau, it's still kind of fun.  The wedding picture looks pretty terrific in a suitably large and grave frame, ebony and gilt-edged.  The various travel pictures are if nothing else evocative, and once we get around to actually hanging all of them (lazy, remember), I think our little entry hall will look quite nice.

Then, of course, it will suddenly be time to move, but I suppose that's just how the world works.

This picture, by the way, is a little side street in the Italian hill town of Bracciano.  Drained of most color and generally tinkered with, I think it looks a little a street-scene set for some bucolic opera.  With a cat wandering by, which was pure lagniappe.

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  1. The Password is "lagniappe."

    Betty White, please give Bill Bixby the first clue.