Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why Don't You...

...don you now your gay apparel?

After all, the holidays are coming, and surely you need a party frock or two.  The girls in the steno pool will stand up and take notice when you show up at the office do in your Tricel finest!

But seriously - oh, God, these fabrics.  If you've never worn an acetate evening gown (and who hasn't?  Don't ask. It was a long time ago.) you don't know the real meaning of body odor. Not to mention chafing.  But not to worry - these lovely numbers come with both a Seal of Approval and a Guarantee of Satisfaction, and what more could any girl ask for just £12.50?


  1. You've reminded me - my office Xmas party is coming up. Women there will be wearing these. And sportswear. Jx

  2. Just watch out for open flames!

  3. I can feel the chafing from here.

  4. Seal of Approval, Guarantee of Satisfaction and Free Air Conditioning.