Monday, December 16, 2013

Distinctly Not a Fruitcake

In many ways, I truly don't feel like the holidays are upon us until I've seen this a few [dozen] times.

This year, it's even more special a treat, for it seems at last that we'll be getting a top-quality DVD release of this deathless hour of television, and it's about time, too.

For those of you, however, without the willpower to wait for Santa to drop one down your chimney, the whole fabulous fiesta remains available here (for those of you for whom Grace isn't enough and who lack the willpower, the Del Rubios come on at about the 25:00 mark).

From our house to yours - this is to me the real Reason for the Season...


  1. I find him immensely creepy. Jx

    1. Oh, it could well be that he's an acquired taste, and moreover, one that you really have to have acquired in the early '80s to really appreciate.

      Grace Jones, on the other hand, remains immortat, as do, in their own way, the Del Rubio Triplets...

    2. The first we heard of him over here was when he was caught masturbating in an "adult cinema".

      Grace Jones and the Del Rubios, on the other hand...


  2. A perfect hour of television brilliance and insanity. I about jumped out of my head the first time it was on. It all seems so long ago.