Monday, December 23, 2013

Keep It Together... (Holiday Edition)

Oh, God - even Liza's got her shopping done!

I'm clearly never going to catch up.

Fortunately, the Mister and I have never been all that much for under-the-tree presents, preferring instead to concentrate on the occasional splurge, and every day's a gift in one way or another for the dogs (who are at the moment in hog heaven, as today Mr. M. whipped up an incredible batch of lentil soup based on a leftover Peking duck carcass - and I don't think I've gone on nearly enough about how much I'm enjoying being back in the land of good old-fashioned American Chinese food).

How about you?  Holiday ready?  Or ignoring the whole proceedings entirely?


  1. What holiday?

    And you know those hatboxes are just clever covers for vats of cocaine. Why else would she look so cheery?

  2. I just want some Chinese food.

  3. I'm ready to break out the booze and have a ball.

    Merry Christmas to the Muscatos.

  4. Bah Humbug, dearie, as always... Jx

  5. She has her shopping done? Of course she's done. B. Altman has been closed for decades and Barney's cancelled her credit card long ago.