Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sales Pitches of Yesteryear

Hard to imagine trying to make this slogan work in one of today's Madison Avenue campaigns, no?

"Get fat!"  Why not?  A series of screwball TV commercials starring Kirstie Alley, some full-pagers in Redbook (is there even any Redbook anymore?), maybe a little underwriting ("This week's edition of 'The Splendid Table' is brought to you in part by Corpula Foods and the generosity of morbidly obese listeners like you!")...

No, I can't quite see it.

On the other hand, if I ever have a cat again, I'm going to get one of those big fluffy white ones and call her "Corpula" and give her an elaborate backstory of adventures at her alma mater, Fat-Ten U.


  1. I think the message got across in vast swathes of the MidWest... Jx

  2. Must be from the days when a generous embonpoint was thought a good thing and ladies displayed acres of rounded shoulder when dressed for the opera.