Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you started cooking yet?

Because the great aunts have arrived, and they're hungry.

For Christ's sake, somebody at least make them a shaker of Old Fashioneds or they'll trot out that story about Cousin Myrtle and her trip to Acapulco again, and I'm just not sure I can stand it.  Here, I'll finish the potatoes.  They're mostly your aunts, you entertain them for a while.  And mind that damn little dog - he nipped me on the shin as I was hanging up Stella's muskrat stole.

IRL, there's actually a terrific story about these dear ladies, who really are someone's great aunts.  Check it out here, and thanks to the author for posting such an evocative gem.


  1. What a fabulously camp story - I want a Great Aunt Lulu in my life... Jx

  2. Ah, fabulous link. I also have a family member that has been 'on her deathbed' for about fifty years now..and my granny loved Englebert Humperdink! Happy Thanksgiving.