Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Don't You...

...frame your entire approach to this year's Hallowe'en in the context of this sublime work, Sally Cruikshank's magnificent Face Like a Frog?  Even if it's only all in your mind.

Or in the basement.

At least consider the last-minute costume option of going as one of the incarnations of the sultry and mutable Galooey.  I bet you've got a mantilla, a shawl, and an old pair of platforms somewhere in the house.  I know I do...

Later:  I realized when I got home that this really ought to have been marked a Redux, as I've already once burbled on about how much I love it.  I only later realized that the last commenter then, one Sally, was in fact the divine Miss Cruikshank herself.  It's all the more remarkable then that when I tracked her down on Twitter this evening, in order to give credit where it's due, she quickly replied!  I'm verklempt.  If you're not already following @funonmars, you really ought to (right after, of course, you do the same for l'il old me).

1 comment:

  1. Love the cartoon - I often have dreams like that!

    However, I couldn't imagine anything more nightmarish than having a Twatter account... Jx