Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Question Time: Ask the Oracle #6

I was interested to see today that the UN has picked up on on one of my own little obsessions...

They, of course, are looking at a serious issue.  Me...not so much.

That said, herewith I'm happy to answer what are apparently some common online sources of uncertainty.  In order:  no more so than at least one Connecticut WASP I can think of (and yes, I do mean you, Patrick); not particularly, unless they were at any time associated with Motown; just enough to be flattering; yes; oh, yes; oh, God, yes; see "jealous," above; not if he knows what's good for him; absolutely; and, lastly: not as good as they are to marry - if you find the right one to start with.

What can I say?  I just like making the world a little better informed.

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  1. That's got all the markings of a List Song dropped from Kismet during its pre-Broadway tryout in San Francisco.