Thursday, February 18, 2010


Over at his intriguing little corner of the digital universe, dear Norma has of late been engaged in pointing out the sad results of poor decision-making by a onetime glamour girl. Yes, it's true: the divine Marisa Berenson, if Norma's snaps are to be believed, has vainly sought eternal youth in a doctor's office, and it's not really very pleasant.

Still, I think we can't forget what an extraordinary creature she was in her prime, as here, a vision in orientalische Halston with the whole world ahead of her. There have been few more lovely women in recent decades, and if her film career never went much beyond Cabaret and Barry Lyndon, both of those are in their own ways landmarks in which she is very, very effective.

Here at the Café, Miss B. holds a special place, having been responsible for one of the very first little traffic spikes back eons ago when all of us were mere cyber-tots. Much should be forgiven the fabulous, but the killer combo of trout pout and a forehead as flat and immovable as the Antarctic do try one's patience, if not one's admiration for all that went before...


  1. Yee Gawds! Terry Gilliam was so on target with Katherine Helmond in Brazil.

    It saddens me to consider which of today's PYT's will be destroying their faces in the decades ahead.

    With so many of them going under the needle and knife by age 30, I fear the entertainment world will begin to resemble a giant aquarium filled with expressionless, skeletal trout.

  2. " expressionless, skeletal trout."

    Oooh, I wish I'd said that, Bill it's perfect!

    I'm with you Muscato. Though her face maybe frozen in reality, in my mind anyway, she is frozen to an image of the beauty in Cabaret who got pounced on.

  3. It is a fact that we cannot all live fast, die young and leave a great looking corpse.

  4. a pal told me today that back when he was living in LA, he was outside a restaurant and marisa emerged. he asked, nicely, if he might snap a photo.

    she gave him the finger.

    i cannot argue and say that she was not spectacular, she was....even with a broom hanging from her head.

    wv: FELFEG

  5. Sigh...

    I, too, shall remember her in her prime. "Ze plegma, it collects in ze tubes."

  6. Didn't she have a car accident decades ago? She was operated by the famous brazilian surgeon and that's how her face was transformed... But she probably hat some wrinkles made away afterwards.