Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meanwhile, in Ruritania

Surrounded, at an august and certainly dressy gathering, by what Queen Victoria referred to as "the Royal Mob," the late Countess of Snowdon is shown to be something of a pocket princess. She turns a rather limpid gaze on one of her Scandinavian cousins. As for me, were I that tiny, encorseted, diamond-bedecked lady, I'd be paying a great deal more attention to the lesser but distinctly dishy Pahlavi on her left...


  1. It does indeed look Ruritanian. What was the occasion, do you know? I'm not sure which Pahlavi this is.

  2. The gathering was, I've gone and checked, part of the festivities around the wedding of Baudoin and Fabiola of the Belgians.

    The Pahlavi in question, it turns out, is the late Shah's brother. This being a modern age, he has a website. Great intro music...

  3. This is one of best pics of the pocket princess I've ever seen. Why did I miss it when I did a post on her? And why haven't I discovered your wickedly sublime blog before?

  4. Ah, cara - my blushes.

    I do really like this picture, mostly because of the context in which it puts the Princess (she's so rarely the least flamboyant figure in any group).

    And as for any whys, I say that we're just glad you're here now.

  5. Thank you for the enlightenment; I think it must be Haakon on her left, and Mrs Haakon on his.