Friday, February 19, 2010

Meanwhile, at the Cocktail Party

I'm not quite certain what's going on here, but I have a feeling that the next time those pocketbooks are put down - any minute now - there's going to be hair-pulling, drink-throwing, and recrimination all around.


  1. My head is spinning. Such a charged snapshot. The lips and the wrist on the doll in robin's egg blue. Her middle finger on that napkin. The too eager grin on the gal in ivory. The similar size of their bags on the same bent arm. The sexy sheen on one set of legs and the lack if allure on the others. All this...something...over a rather average gent. The way he wears his wristwatch. The shadows they all cast. That carpet!

  2. It's only the slightest exaggeration to say that's exactly how this portentous moment in those three people's lives struck me. Great minds, doncha know...