Friday, December 4, 2009

What's in a Name...

"Where," asked Gentle Reader CK rather peremptorily in reference to the last post, "is this?"

The answer is the notorious resort Sharm el Sheikh, whither Mr. Muscato and I have repaired for a minibreak. We were startled to see the reminder of home shown above at the very entrance to the heart of honky-tonk Sharm, the town of Na'ama Bay.

It appears that all the principal thoroughfares are named for various regional leaders, but His Majesty has the prime luck to be namesake to the main avenue of approach. I'm not sure that the rather dismal T-shirt shops and shisha joints that line his street are exactly the image he usually tries to convey, but I'm sure the city fathers' hearts were in the right place when they named it.


  1. Somebody likes you! Which comes as no surprise, of course.

  2. And what, exactly, were you two doing loitering in the "heart of honky-tonk Sharm?" What would Georgie Pilson say?

  3. Muscato has the heart of a honky-tonk. That's common knowledge.

  4. sharm is really nice...did not mean to sound so imperative...really like your blog....cheers