Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eartha Cutie

Do you believe it's been a year already? When the sad news that Eartha had gone on before came, I wrote, "How characteristic of her, to slip away on Christmas day, guaranteeing that we would as much celebrate as mourn her. Certainly, it's just as she would have had it, for few entertainers were such thorough celebrators as Miss Kitt: of sex, of life, of love, of all the pleasures of the flesh and spirit."

And, of course, of the virtues of deeds, sables, '54 convertibles (light blue), a duplex, checks, and the occasional this and that bought at Tiffany. At least an approximation of which, from your own list, I hope appears under your Christmas tree.


  1. I knew my middle age was official when I began marking the years by the passing of the greats, the near greats and the ones for the ages.

  2. When you see publicity stills for Santa baby she has a strap on her shoulder. It was drawn in because the advertisers thought it was TOO provocative without it. I love Miss Kitt, and was pleased when Santa slipped a lynx under my tree, for me.