Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birthday Girl: No Regrets

Édith Givovanna Gassion was born 94 years ago, and after surviving a childhood of ultra-Dickensian horridness, she found a new name, Piaf, and international fame rivaled by few.

We see her here in 1962, at almost the end of her long, strange trip, singing a song that, although she debuted it only a year earlier and had less than one year left, has become one of the ones with which she is most closely identified.

If anyone on earth had cause to regrette beaucoup, it would have been she, but I dare anyone not to believe her...


  1. She was a key part of our French lessons at school - not only how to speak - but, to be French
    - wonderful
    and what an anthem

  2. This is why I love visiting here. I knew about Edith Piaf but I didn't know about her rough background. I educated myself quickly on wikipedia. Mon dieu! Words fail me. It makes her ascension all the more remarkable.