Thursday, December 17, 2009

They Got the Beat

In high school, Mary Margaret (second from left) always overidentified with Marilyn Munster, and never more so than during those awkward, embarrassing months when she was forced to join the family acapella group. Aunt Lavonne (second from right) sang bass.


  1. One day, Cousin Paul hid their rat tail comb, and all hell broke loose.

  2. Watch out for Carol Beth in the middle there with the fake smile. She might say, "It's just great to get to sing anything with mah family," but Carol Beth will cut a bitch if you try to steal her spot on lead vocals.

    Just ask Gramma Jean Rae there on the left. She's still rubbing fish oil on the scar on her left shoulder. And Mr. Sandman had been her song for years before little Carol Beth was old enough to jon the group.