Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Rainbow Tour for Our Time

Between the UN General Assembly and the gathering of the G20 (oh, yes, I do keep up!), world leaders have been much in the news over the past week, and that, to me, raised one pressing question:

What of Cameroon's glamourous First Lady, Mme. Chantal Biya?

Well, she did indeed participate in some of the UN-related fun. There is, however, good news for Chantalites, and there's bad news.

The bad news, sadly, is that she has not that I've found been captured in all her glory in any of the assemblages of spouses that have taken place of late. But not all hope is lost, for the good news is that her comings and goings have at least been covered, albeit accompanied only with this highly inadequate shot, by her nation's doubtless unbiased, free, transparent, and neutral press.

Yes, thanks to the good work of the scribes at Cameroon Radio Television, we can know that no sooner had the divine Chantal and her essentially irrelevant husband, Paul, arrived at their "suit" at the Waldorf Astoria than "a large crowd of Cameroonians living in the United States of America that has converged to say welcome Mr. President made the atmosphere even more feastive." Due to security concerns, "the crowd staged their displays along the Park Avenue Way, a short distance from the entrance of the hotel."

That would indeed have been a sight to see on Gotham's fabled Park Avenue Way, just one block over from Madison Avenue Lane. Not least because, we learn, "Their songs were pregnant with goodwill messages, some urging the President to run for the next presidential elections due in 2011." What a coincidence, that these New York-based singers should steer so close to Mr. President's own agenda (and that of his exquisitely coiffed spouse)!

I hope she had a chance to get out and about on her own a little, see some of New York, maybe pick up a trinket or two. Imagine shopping at Tiffany - or Century 21, for that matter - and running into Chantal: could anything UN-related be more fabulous?

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  1. don't know much about cameroon.don't know much about the french i took. i think these are song lyrics....hi muscato!!