Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bein' Good isn't always Easy...

Just ask Dusty. In that outfit, I would think that being good is either impossible or beside the point.

Being fabulous, on the other hand? Inevitable.


  1. It's the silky feel of real Qiana! Her "hair" and her blouse, too.

  2. this song is about al jolson, right?

  3. I was the victim of one Preacher Man at 16 and very nearly the wife of another Preacher Man at 26.

    They weren't the only boys to ever reach me or ever teach me, but they certainly left me knowin' and growin'.

  4. I sooooo LOVE this song...and no one could do it like Dusty did. And no one could wear that hair or outfit like Dusty did.