Tuesday, September 8, 2009

(Belated) Birthday Girl: Mystery Revealed

Yes, it's true! The elegant and refined young lady whose picture we posted to tease with you a couple of days ago is none other than that hoyden of '60s TV turned theatrical staple, Miss Jo Anne Worley. She had a birthday this past Sunday, which is of little matter to one so ageless, but even so worthy of celebration.

As for the guesses - well, she really did change a great deal between high school and Laugh In, so no one can be blamed for not seeing the latent crazy in her debutante eyes. My favorite stabs at it were Matt Damon (and there really is a resemblance), courtesy of dear Bill, and Kevin's contribution, Big Edie. Raquel Welch was not at all a bad guess, nor Janis Joplin. I do think that Bette Midler, while a gallant attempt, would have meant that the girl in question would have been among the very few subjects in the early '60s to have undergone nasal enlargement.

Still, even though really she came no closer than any of the rest of you, I'm going to go ahead and declare Café newcomer Clare the winner, if only because she said such nice things and I am, as is well known, Greedy for Praise.

In any case, thanks to all for chiming in, and better luck next time!


  1. Oh! How did I miss this?? I must have been high.

  2. Hooray for Clare!!

    Without the bangs and the lashes, I'd have never guessed it.

    Jo Anne did quite well in the marriage department and had a 25 year run with handsome & busy TV actor Roger Perry who is perhaps best known for a classic Star Trek episode.

    Perry is now husband #5 (!) of Joyce Bulifant (MTM's Marie Slaughter and, like his first wife, a 70's gameshow stalwart).

  3. I don't know what's more exciting....the big reveal....(I'd have never guessed)...or Joyce Bulifant gossip!


  4. Well I'll be damed ... I wouldnt of even thought it was Joanne in a million years.. thombeau maybe it was those blinding disco pants and the alcohol..

  5. I daresay that Cafe Muscato inspired the one and only time that JoAnne Worley and Raquel Welch were mistaken for each other. One of the many, many reasons that we love it so!

  6. Joyce Bulifant was a name that I would habitually throw in the pot when playing "Celebrity" with friends a few years back. Along with Victor Skrebneski and May Pang.