Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Boy: Go West!

Let's pause for a moment to celebrate the birth of Randy Jones, eternal Village Person; he's 57 today, still wearing the cowboy hat and going strong.

Joining him are a raft of the great and good: single-profiled superstar Claudette Colbert, terrifying soapstress Eileen Fulton, Velvet Fog Mel Tormé, Designing Woman Jean Smart, etiquetteuse Judith Martin, and Mr. Patricia Neal Roald Dahl among them. There's clearly a major diva-streak running through the day - could they all have been conceived on New Year's Eve?


  1. Call me when it's Glenn Hughes birthday. He was always more my speed.

  2. It feels as if they've been around so long that he must be 85. I'm amazed he's only 57. Was he in junior high when he got the audition callback?

  3. What I was more disturbed by, searching around for an appropriate illo, is his increasingly unmistakeable resemblance to Rip Taylor.

    Age. It's all too often not kind.