Friday, November 7, 2008

Enjoying Poor Health

Alas; I fear the excitement of recent days has been too much for my delicate constitution, and I find myself under siege from a nasty bug that's making the rounds. I'm achy, stuffy, puffy, and generally unpresentable in polite company.

How I wish that, rather than having to rely on begging incomprehensible Indian pharmacists for something strong for a cold, I might turn to the kind of medical help that only ever appears to be available in fiction or on television. Someone like Dr. Kildare:

Now wouldn't you feel better, just having someone like a young Richard Chamberlain looking solicitously after you? When I was a tot, I just knew that Dr. Kildare's gentle bedside manner could do wonders for any little thing that was wrong with you...

What I've only just disovered is that in addition to living on forever in reruns, Dr. Kildare is on that select shortlist of 60s luminaries to have been immortalized in 11 1/2" vinyl:

It's a distintly sub-Ken effort, but he might be fun to set up in little dioramas, misbehaving perhaps with Nurse Julia or, more alluringly, G.I. Joe.

The mind reels, and not just from the mysterious local cold medications (although in the right combination, they are proving surprisingly diverting).


  1. Oh, you poor thing. Take as many medications as possible. Top off with copious amounts of vodka, et voila! You'll be feeling worse in no time!

  2. Even I am having cold! I am not on any medication coz I know thye won't work!

  3. Well, I'd agree they don't cure, but they certainly making being sick more entertaining, even without the vodka (albeit it being an excellent idea).

    Right now I'm most annoyed at having, one hopes temporarily, completely lost all sense of taste and smell...

  4. Smell surely. but never taste. Taste always remains.

  5. Oh, dear. I hope you feel better soon! Have a hot Toddy!

    (Although I wouldn't turn down the beside ministrations of Dr. Kildare, I'm more partial to the more swarthy charms of Ben Casey, M.D.)

  6. I hope you feel better! And I, too, thought Dr. K was hawt!

  7. I hope you feel better soon too.
    Looking at RC, I know I do.