Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight on Fabulon?

Say it isn't so! Our dear Thombeau has announced the shuttering of his extraordinary corner of the Intertubes, the wonder that is Fabulon. There is no joy in Mudville - or in many a far more festive locale - at the prospect of a world without Mysterions, mantillas, and meetings of the Board of Directors.

The only reason you are reading this now is that at some point last spring, Fabulon forced us lurkers to stir ourselves and register an identity. And here we are now, proud proprietors of the Café, wondering what to do without a daily dose of the divine. Here's hoping that when life smiles again, perhaps he will reincarnate and return to us. In the meantime, I do hope he remains a visitor here, and I really do recommend his lovely, evocative, meditative music, Arcanta.

Confidential to T.: please please please don't take it down too soon. Please?

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