Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now, Voyager

Mr. Muscato and I are going motoring, darlings, so life at the Café will be quiet for the next couple of days.

I'm hoping that Trixie Your Waitress will take this opportunity to do something about the state of the tablecloths, but I'm not hopeful. In any case, return we shall, full, maychance, of illuminating vignettes of life in the neighboring princedoms.

Wish us well...


  1. I hope you will be wearing your Grace Kelly headscarf and sunglasses on your motor trip.

    Oh, and...

    "WHY DON'T YOU...

    * have an elk-hide trunk made for the back of your car? Hermes of Paris will make this.

    * have a dark blue car upholstered in dark blue serge with robe and cushions in the same material, monogrammed and taped around like a horse blanket in bright red? A very smart Italian does this."

  2. No flat tires! (No pirates, neither!)

  3. I'm still wating for my glass of San Pelegrino with a wedge of lime, and a menu...

    oh well...

    Bon Voyage darlings... be well, enjoy your travels and spoil yourselves in luxury.