Saturday, September 27, 2008

On the South Sea Island of Tawanga...

Gloria never thought twice about going back to Terre Haute or to teaching sixth-grade Latin at St. Dymphna's Middle School. She agreed to become bride #14 just as soon as Chief Kamanawanalayu popped the question.


  1. Hey, it's anthropologist Margaret Mead (Eleanor Roosevelt's look-alike). She helped me through college.....whenever I was nervous about a social event, I'd just pretend I was Margaret Mead going to study and report on the strange customs of the natives. It calmed me down right away....

  2. Oh, I knew it was MM - but don't she and her Samoan friend make a nice couple?

    I adore how travelers, even anthropologists and sociologists, in former days made absolutely no effort to blend in - she really could just as easily be Gloria from Terre Haute, no?