Sunday, September 7, 2008

Angie Barbie, You're a Special Lady

This painstakingly reconfigured "ordinary doll" (per the Telegraph) recently sold for £2,000 on e-Bay. I knew there was a whole cottage industry devoted to überglamming Barbie and her ilk, but not that it had reached these obsessive heights. Apparently this femmuncular version of Angelina Jolie comes sans tats, but the artist will add them for additional fees.

But the real surprise of this breaking news story comes at the end: the creator, a former portrait artist from the Philippines, "was inspired to turn his talents to dolls when he was looking for one to add to his wife's collection."

Wife? Unless that word is actually the Tagalog for "butch daddy boyfriend," that is the only really interesting factoid in the entire saga.

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