Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't Know About You...

But I do, in fact, get a kick from Champagne. And from Twyla Tharp:

Here she seems to be doing a little impromptu hommage to the great Charlotte Greenwood, Queen of the Novelty High Kick Number:

I believe that her right to this moment in the spotlight was written into her contract at Fox, with a minimum of one per picture.

A true Greenwood aficionado watches her movies - in which she usually dithers away in support as an aunt, chaperone, or deceptively staid lady - for the moment in which the madness will break out. Tell-tale signs: a sweeping hostess gown, the handkerchief, and a certain glint in her eye that signifies Magic in the Making.

As for Tharp - she's heaven, of course, even if she only made a splash in one film, the fabulous Hair. I used to be a regular for her New York seasons, once upon a time.

And if I could do that with my leg...I probably wouldn't have time for blogging.


  1. I love me some Charlotte Greenwood. Twyla Tharp, I have to ease myself into.

  2. Thanks for a really divine moment.

    My thinner grandmother looked just like her, at my parents' wedding in 1942. The lady staid stationary, though.

  3. If only for selfish reasons, those of us who regularly read your blog are thankful you cant do that with your leg... although one imagines it could make for some quite entertaining blog material, time permitting.