Thursday, September 18, 2008

After and Before: A Final Dame Barbara Moment

I don't know why she's been so on my mind this week, but this look at the bookends of her remarkable life should close things out.

I'm actually kind of happy to know that, at least at the very end, she finally embraced her Inner Old Lady. If it hadn't been for the lapdog, I might not have recognized her without the feathers, tiara, and glowing soft focus.

And here she is at the start of her long, long road - just another ambitious London society girl pondering what life has in store for her. I wonder, if she knew then that it included, among other things, several decades of answering 40,000 fan letters a year, she would have soldiered on?


  1. I just assumed she had a cotton candy wig maker installed next to her bed. It must have been on the blink that day.

  2. How could she have known she would wind up looking like her Pekinese? I suppose we all will.