Thursday, December 3, 2015

'Tis the Season

Well, it's time to kick off the festive season, and with that comes traditions - few dearer to me than starting off each year with this little gem as the first Christmas song I listen to on purpose (as opposed to all the elevator music that's been being pumped out hither and yon since something like the week after Labor Day).

Even by our ramshackle standards of observing the holiday, this is going to be an odd Christmas for chez nous, as the Powers That Be at our little condo have decided that there's no better time to start a long-delayed project to replace our HVAC units than the first couple weeks of December.  We're therefore going to be in a state of considerable domestic disarray at some point in the next few days and have thus put off, even more than the usual, the start of our decorating.  Add to that the Mister's truly diabolical work schedule, and we may decide to celebrate Egyptian Coptic Christmas, which has the advantage of taking place two weeks later than its Western counterpart.

But I pay that no never mind; Christmas is a state of mind, and Grace is here to get us going. Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum indeed, and a very merry season to all of us!


  1. I think I'd rather watch Grace repairing the air conditioning... Jx

  2. I signed up on PeeWee's web page and for a while I received, every year, an email Christmas card from him, or from the page masters, whatever. It was always a highpoint of the season. I'm rather hurt that I seem to have been dropped from the list.

    And I'm convinced Grace washes dishes in those gloves.

  3. And yet, back then, who raised an eyebrow at that?

  4. "Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special" is an annual tradition chez The Mistress.