Sunday, December 13, 2015

And Now, a Word from our (Holiday) Sponsor

Hard to believe it's just a couple of years before little Susie there will be demanding cha-cha heels and knocking over the tree.  A sentiment that, on opening her fourth Hoover household appliance, Mum can more than sympathize with.

And what the hell did a Keymatic do?


  1. Replies
    1. Live and learn. Very sleek, but with the door closed it really could be anything from a trash compactor to an early in-home Eniac..

  2. I had the first washing machine, the Hoovermatic, in my 5th floor walk-up on 47th Street. Bought it on Atlantic Avenue and brought it home in a Checker. No more laundromats!

  3. Who wouldn't be entranced by a gift that whispers "Get to work, bitch."

    1. Thus saving Dad the necessity of doing so - see? Everybody wins!

  4. The Key Matic? Front load washing machine for the UK market. Instead of a dial or buttons to set the wash cycle, the unit featured a square key, with a setting (Woolens, Whites, Colors, Spin Dry) on each side of the key - like the old fashioned punch cards. The key also kept the machine from being started by children and causing a flood or worse. Lovely idea, until you misplaced the key card.