Monday, December 14, 2015

A Holiday Fashion Moment

Trust dear Miss Alice Faye to have the perfect seasonal outfit.

What could be better for lolling by a Yuletide fire - trying to decide between Don Ameche and John Payne while fending off the attentions of the Ritz Brothers and waiting for the arrival of the Albertina Rasch Dancer, say, as one does - than a pair of Santa-themed lounging pajamas?

If nothing else, it certainly beats that mystifying recent trend, the Ugly Christmas Sweater (I mean the ones that are ugly on purpose, not the ones we've always been burdened with, at least those of us with great aunts). Is this one more thing we can blame on Bridget Jones, or is it somehow even more insidious?

Alice, of course, has no such cares.  And if anyone's still trying to think of a gift, that settee will do just fine...


  1. John Payne. Definitely. With or without the sweater. Jx

  2. Yeah... it's really not a fair fight, is it? And to think that what she ended up with was Phil Harris. She must've really loved the big lug...