Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Splish Splash

As summer gives way to fall, it seems time to indulge in a little fantaisie orientale, don't you think?

Here we have the comely Miss Hanine el Alam, accompanied by a bevy of (equally or even more comely) semiaquatic safety gays and what looks to be a perfect Lebanese evening in old Beirut.  It's not art, exactly, but there's no denying it's more than a little alluring and on the whole great fun.

I've not yet made it to Lebanon, but this is the sort of thing that makes it a tempting prospect indeed...


  1. About 50 miles from where I grew up was a small town entirely populated with Lebanese immigrants. It was swarming with swarthy dark haired boys with big smiles.

  2. Those boys in the pleather pants look good enough to eat, frankly. I do wonder about the middle eastern taste in entertainment though. Is it absolutely necessary to be as outré as possible? I've been in cabarets in a couple of countries there, and the acts were pretty much always a puzzlement.

  3. I wish the execution of the choreography was much more smooth and the boys' chests were much less smooth. I need them swarthier and better rehearsed.

  4. Beirut is a bit of a favourite haunt of mine, and not just for the eye-candy. Although the 'cabareeh' of Cairo tend to take the cake for entertainment...